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Coffee table design...

The coffee Table "Clix"

The coffee table Clix is a complete piece of art. The symmetrical lines of this unique artwork mingle cleverly together in a structured way. The table is made up with two identical steel feet, both fitting together and placed in right angle with a contemporary mindset. Raised up with a tray of glass, this coffee table is intended to be minimalist. As a true piece of art, it will enhance your lounge, bringing something outstanding and modern to your living space. 

Coffee table design...

"Limited Edition"

The feet of the Limited Edition coffee table offer some surprising waxed concrete, pop art, seventies or rust lace effects… An original touch that makes all the difference. When fancy meets with design and brings a unique artistic style to your living room.

Coffee table "clix...

"Artists Collection"

Benjamin Auzier reinvents the coffee table « Clix » and brings a touch of art by collaborating with several young or established painters. Grégoire Devin, Isabelle Bartoli, Ventili Viale… contributed to this adventure by bringing their own fashion to the coffee table. The mingled feet that make this piece of design with clean lines so special are decorated with originality. The art lovers and collectors will quickly adopt this concept to embellish their living room with a graphical touch that change the coffee table “Clix” into a genuine piece of art.

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